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Classes: Edit

Starter Classes Edit

Warrior Edit

Description: The heart of a warrior is filled with courage and strength. Your skills with weapons in close combat makes you a powerful force on the battlefield.

Male Warrior:

1st. Picture

Female Warrior:

2nd Picture

Old Male Warrior:

3rd. Picture

Old Female Warrior:

4th Picture

Skills: Auto Attack Decisive Strike Imbalancing Strike Prepared Strike Passive Skill On Guard Passive Skill

Rogue Edit

Description: Rogues follow their own set of rules. With a combination of speed, cunning and poisons you take your enemies by surprise.

Male Rogue:

5th. Picture

Female Rogue:

6th picture

Skills: Auto Attack Viper's Kiss Puncture Footwork Concealed Blade

Mage Edit

Description: Magic courses through your veins. Your arcane powers enables you to cast powerful spells Note: The female armor has a color custom gem and shoulder rune. It changes to match your accessory color.

Male Mage:

7th. Picture

Female Mage:

8th. Picture

Skills: Auto Attack Fireball Ice Shard Infusion Explosion

Healer Edit

Description: Healers are servants of good that use their powers to aid the sick, weak, and injured. Their powerful healing magic is often the difference between a groups victory or doom.

Male Healer:
Female Healer:

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